T-Shirt Necklace

I was trolling Pinterest a couple weeks ago and came across this necklace. At first I thought it was a tutorial but turns out it was on Etsy and for sale. However, being the broke college student I am I decided that I could totally make that. After all that’s what Etsy is all about right? Handmade items? (P.S. I don’t want to take sales from this person but it looks easy to make on your own.)

I had a strip of a fabric that would be perfect too! A while ago I had purchased a dress from a thrift store, it was white and black and I love it but it had this nasty baby blue stripe across the bottom. Took that right off! This necklace is why I’m glad I kept it! I cut it up into strips, braided away, and then attached the back! I didn’t have different colored blue fabrics to use but I like it all the same color just the same. Turned out great if I do say so myself :]

*Please disregard the wife beater I am sporting - it was laundry day!

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