Bow Tie Top

Finally got around to be able to make a little something! I found this tutorial on Pinterest and wanted to give it a try! I modified it a bit though because I wasn’t super jazzed about the bow that the tutorial did and I didn’t want to do the sleeves – but I loved the pleated collar! I did mine with a v-neck which made everything a bit more difficult but I still like it a lot :]

I put together a couple of outfits with it – one a bit more girly and dressy, the other edgy and sassy (I mean they are red, cheetah print pants!)

This pink skirt is actually has an asymmetrical hem – you just can’t see it in the picture! I also wear it as a shirt a lot and just belt the waist! I got it from Target for like $6 a couple weeks ago, my belt is from Maurice’s.

Any chance I get to wear these pants I do! I got them almost 3 years ago from a thrift store but they are Tripp so I’m guessing they came from Hot Topic or another place like that. My vest is a steal from Bon-Ton a couple years ago too – I love getting things for super cheap. The black wrap thingy is from Marshall’s again, hella cheap!

This shirt didn’t take me that long to make and I like it better the way I did it! I did go through the tutorial exactly but I just wasn’t feeling it when I got done. It’s a good tutorial though and I’m sure it would work well for others….just not for me :]


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