A couple days ago Emily and I went to a Cleopatra exhibit at the California Science Center. It was really interesting! Apparently there are these two guys that are slowly discovering artifacts in the oceans and other places in Egypt. It was weird to see all this stuff and that people actually used it. All the jewelry and the money was cool to see though for sure! I even have a bracelet similar to the one they had on display – however, mine isn’t made out sold gold.

This is some of the jewelry they wore! I have a bracelet similar to the one of the left. It was all really cool to look at but I feel like their ears would be super stretched out because it’s solid gold and that stuff is heavy!!

These were the little remote things they have us to listen to each part with. When you walked to each part of the exhibit you would put the number in and then listen to whatever the person had to say through this thing. It was really great because people were moving all over the place and with this we could go at our own pace.

These statues were HUGE! The recording told us that they were placed in front of the palace – which is logical!

This was just part of the science center. They strapped out on to this bike and then you had to pedal back and forth on this tiny rope. I guess without all the safety precautions the center has to take it would be hard but Emily and I couldn’t figure out how it would be that hard.

The Rose Gardens were right behind the center too so of course we went walking out there. It made me miss the flower shop a lot though! I used to know all the colors just by looking and now I’m beginning to forget some of them :[ The fountain was great though!

Pants: Maurice's, Top: Macy's, Sweater: N/A, Sandals: Marshall's
Bag: Fashion District, Headwrap: Original, Necklaces: Thrift Stores

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