Cheetah Eyes

I watched this video on YouTube and thought I’d give it a try! I really liked the idea of printed makeup and although I seriously need to practice this to perfect the lines and such I think it turned out decently enough that I wore it around town for the day. I also really need to get some liquid eyeliner to help myself out, however I usually don’t like it…..which is why I don’t have any! I also decided to put some goldish color on top of all the spots to give it a more glittery effect!

Here is my eyeball! I think having the liquid eyeliner would make it a little easier to make the dots too but like I said before I don’t have any :[ I really like the way it turned out and plan on doing it a lot more. However, zebra print is my very favorite so I might give that a try too!

Don’t mind the bright yellow shirt – I had just woken up. Surprisingly I had straightened my hair yesterday and this is how I woke up! GRREEEATT hair day! Here is the video I originally watched to get the look, this girl is great and I watch her makeup videos a lot because they are crazy and I love weird stuff:


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