Aquarium of the Pacific

On Friday some friends and I went to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach! It was so great and reminded me a lot of Dubuque with the aquarium we have there.

They had this great shark tank and a section where we could touch things. I touched everything I could! Touching a jellyfish kind of freaked me out but the guy working the counter said that the ones we were touching only stung krill so we were safe. I touched a manta ray too. Underwater animals feel so weird! They never feel like you think they are going to.

We watched a sea lion show too. There was one there that was so huge I was scared for the girl working with it! They didn’t do as many tricks as I would have liked to see but it was still pretty cool to watch them do things. It’s weird that you can train an animal to do such intricate things all by hand motions.

Emily and I in front of the giant whale in the middle of the aquarium!

Seahorse picture Emily snapped for me! These things are so cool and were one of the things I really wanted to see. The octopus was all balled up under a rock so we couldn’t see that very well 😦

Was a little windy outside!

This thing was the coolest thing ever! I don’t remember what it was called a zebra something but it was the best ever!

(Cardigan: N/A, Top: Handmade, Jeans: Silvers [Maurices], Tank: Maurices, Sandals: Marshall’s, Owl Necklace: Rue 21)

In front of the fountain! Emily and I made our clothes the day before so we would have something new to wear and we just like to sew! I’ll be posting a little something about it once I’m totally done with the shirt. I couldn’t get it all finished because we ended up going to dinner – which on the walk we saw Cee Lo Green sitting outside his apartment building, I guess he lives like a block from me. Tyga too! – but I like it like this too so I may leave it….I don’t know yet!

Shark stamp 🙂


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