Sketching II

Wednesday I had my first class of this quarter! Sketching II – adding color and using makers. Here is the little summary they give you on the FIDM website;

This advanced fashion sketching class stresses the perfection of fashion figure poses, the accurate illustration of garments, and the development of the students’ own sketching style. Students learn to render, using colored pencil, markers, and pen. Prerequisite: DESN 1150

Sounds cool, huh? I was a little worried about this when the teacher did the demonstration because she kind of just went for it and didn’t really explain it to us that much. However, I did a test run with my markers (being as I’ve never used them before) and I think it went pretty well. This week for homework I have to draw 3 figures in full color, accessories, shoes, and bathing suits. Using different poses, skin colors, hair, etc. The only thing I’m worried about is how to make the markers work! They are Prismacolor and like regular markers they streak like crazy and somehow I’m supposed to make them not look like that…..yeah, ok. This is the sketch I did to test out my markers (if you look close you can see the streakiness of them!):


Tomorrow Emily and maybe I are going to work a fashion show hosted by Steven Tyler! I say maybe me because I was confirmed but then the last e-mail I wasn’t on the list anymore but when I e-mailed the lady and told her I could still work and asked if I was on the list she just replied, “thank you.” What does that mean?! The real problem started when I didn’t get the original e-mail. When we did Debut they put us on a list and I think they messed up my e-mail address. Turns out if you capitalize the first letter it won’t send it to me. Picky little thing! And, there is a period in it so I’m thinking they didn’t see that or they spelled my name wrong. But back to the point she confirmed me so why I was I taken off the list after that?! And they asked for more people! I feel like they might have messed up the e-mails. I think I’m just going to go anyway. I’d rather go and them not need me than not go and turns out they did need me!


Right after I posted this she got back to me and said I didn’t need to go. Apparently she just makes a list and then to main lady makes a decision and it’s based on who sends their thing in first. I didn’t send mine until late so it makes sense. Oh well – looks like I get to stay home tomorrow!



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