Beach Bag!

So I’m taking the Pintrest Challenge and am on day 3! I have tons of stuff pinned and so it hasn’t been that hard finding stuff to make, especially because I have so much free time. Gotta love spring break!

Anyway, I really need a big bag to take to the beach/anywhere I go in which I need a big bag to hold all my junk. This one is perfect! I found this really cute fabric too that is perfect for a beach bag because the print is everything beachy. I got it from the FIDM Scholarship Store – super cheap fabric there!

The tutorial (Elle Apparel) I used to make this bag was really easy to follow and well written. Typed? Whatever :] I just changed it a little – I didn’t slant the corners and I topstiched around the top part so the folds would stay down and not get caught on everything. That would be annoying, no? I still need to add a button to the pocket to decorate it a little more but I can’t decide what kind of button I want to use. I was thinking maybe a red one or maybe even a shell! That would look cool, huh?!?


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