San Diego Train!

This past weekend I went down to San Diego to visit my aunt, uncle, and cousins. They live in Sabre Springs and it’s so beautiful there! It’s about a 2 hour train ride which goes right down the coast so it’s really awesome to look out the windows and see the ocean cruising by.

It was my cousin Isabelle’s birthday on Friday – she’s 15! So when I got there we went to pick her up from school, then went out to lunch at this cute little diner called Johnny G’s (I’m pretty sure that’s what it was called!) which was super good. It always seems like the tiny, weird, little places are always the best. We went back to my aunt’s house after that and we went to dinner at a Greek place when my uncle got home from work. I don’t really like Greek food so my younger cousin Sophie and I got grilled cheese on pita bread and french fries :]

Saturday we went to the San Diego Zoo! I love it there so much, however I always feel like I need to bust all the animals out so they can be back in the wild. However, I never act on that impulse! I’ve been there before but it never gets old. This time they were doing a lot of construction and so some of the habitats were down. The koalas weren’t there which sucked because they are my favorite animals and they are so cute! The zebras and elephants were out though so that was awesome. Saturday night my cousins had a serve at church so I ended up going also. Not my favorite activity but I got through it by pretending that I was watching a musical in which my cousins were starring as altar servers. After that we went to dinner at a burger place called the Habit – so good! We went hot tubing that night and while in there Isabelle saw a rat on the fence – apparently when they had their palm trees trimmed they disrupted the nests that the rats have in them. I about died, I totally freaked out and went running into the house. I was totally done with that!!

Sunday we really didn’t so that much. We went shopping at this outdoor outlet mall but it was super cold and rainy so we didn’t stay that long. Came home had dinner and then Sophie and I had a Brady Bunch marathon! She has the first two seasons on DVD so we made popcorn and watched them! I love that show so much. I like the episodes of when they are older better but you have to start at the beginning to get the whole story!

Monday I went to Kohl’s with my aunt after she took the girls to school where I noticed that it smells and is set up exactly like the store in Dubuque. When we came out I was a little lost because it didn’t look like Dubuque then I remembered where we were…duh. While waiting in line I was looking at the picture ad things on the walls and turns out it was one of the male models from the Debut show! It was really weird because you never know those people and this time I did. Also another thing about the male models; one of them from Debut is in the new Katy Perry video for “Part of Me.” He is the douchey boyfriend at the beginning. Yep, he was at Debut! Weird, huh?

Then it was time to come home and back on the train I was. I got on the wild car because one guy was drinking like crazy, another guy was counting $100 bills out in plain view, and this other lady was talking on her phone about how this family was hounding her about their money because the person left the treatment center and didn’t get the help she needed. Apparently she was an admissions person for a rehab clinic and needed the paperwork before she could help. However, she was talking really loud with the client and then with her friends/coworkers about it and was being very unprofessional!

Overall it was a great weekend and I definitely want to go back again!


Side note. These were my sketches from my Sketching I class final:


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