Finals Week!

This coming week is finals week! Which means we are already through the first quarter of school – at least for the people that started in the winter quarter like I did. I can’t believe that my first quarter is already over. It seriously flew! I’m so happy to be here and would never want to be anywhere else. I haven’t felt homesick at all which is kind of weird because I thought I would at least a little bit but honestly I haven’t!

All of my classes have been going so well. My history of costume group did amazing on our presentation and I got 94% on my notebook for that class. Sewing class is going really well, obviously – I’ve known how to sew straight, plain seams for years – and my blouse is done for that class. Color & Design and Sketching I have one more week of (plus another week to finish my projects!) because I have to go back the following Monday (the 19th) which is kind of annoying but what are you going to do? And, then we come to english composition….I’ve hated that class since the first day! I’m basically done with my final paper, just a few more things to add and I seriously can’t wait for this coming Wednesday at 11:15 when I’m officially done with it!


  • Sketching: 2.5 hours to draw 5 perfect figures
  • Color & Design: painting and written test
  • History of Costume: written test
  • Sewing: written and sewing test
  • English Composition: final paper turned in

Coming up the 15th – 17th Emily and I are working back stage at the FIDM Debut Show! We are really excited about it and we’re getting paid for it. Which is always good because I’m having less and less money in my bank account as we go here! Goodness I need a job!

xoxoxo, Megan


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