Well, Emily and I actually finished our glitter shoes the same day that we began but I sort of suck and am just now getting around the posting the finished pictures of them. They turned out super cute and we love them! Emily’s are like my ties ones except they are red/gold glitter and have big red ribbons for the ties. The only problems we have with them is we used Mod Podge to stick the glue and it makes the shoe a little stiff when you put it on the first few times. Also where the shoe bends with your foot, it creases and the glitter falls off there. Good thing we have a ton of glitter left to patch up the areas that fall off. We got a lot of glitter thinking we were going to need a lot. Nope! Sure didn’t – a little bit went a long way. Everywhere we went we left this little glitter trail – all the carpet in my apartment and outside in the hallways is covered in glitter! I love it :]


I know it looks like the white heels haven’t changed that much but I put a very fine light pink glitter on them – you can totally see it in person just not so much in the picture :[


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