Valentine’s Day Bazaar and Glitter Shoes

Every year my building has this bazaar down in the lobby and people from around L.A. come and sell their stuff for super cheap. They had a lot of clothes, bags/purses, jewelry, and I believe I table with makeup and stuff like that. Anyway my friends and I went down and we all found something we liked! I got:

I got this dress for $20ish! Everything from this guy was 40% off and I loved this dress. It’s pretty awesome because if I loosen the strap at the top I can wear it as a dress but if I tighten it around my neck I can wear it as a shirt!

I got this little wristlet for $9 – I thought  it was so cute! The lady that was selling them had a ton of bags but I seriously have so many that I couldn’t buy another one but this little guy was totes fine :] I fell in love with the flower! She had them in a bunch of different colors and the option of having it the rectangle (like I got) or just a circle. I picked this one so I could fit more stuff in it!


So today Emily and I are going to be making glitter shoes! I got the idea from A Beautiful Mess  – I’m seriously obsessed with reading this blog! She has really cute ideas and I have a list of other things I plan on making. We went shopping yesterday to get some cheap shoes to glitter and buy the glitter. Turns out it is kind of hard to find glitter and Target DOES NOT sell glitter, weird huh? As soon as we’re done I’ll post some pictures to show everyone how they turned out!


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