Pinterest, Outfits, Homework, and Randomness

First Topic:

It’s finally February! I’ve recently been obsessed with Pinterest and have been pinning all the Valentine’s Day craft ideas! I want to make really cute cards for my family back home and the ideas on Pinterest are endless! Some of the cards I feel would take me hours to make because they are just so elaborate but they are also the cutest ones. I like Valentine’s Day, even if you don’t have a “special person” (barf) to share it with – which could end up making it a lot worse – you still get to wear pink! Well, anyway check out my boards on Pinterest (link up there ^^) and see everything that I have going on.

Next Topic:

Outfits. So I got to school for fashion design an it seems that I never really talk about fashion. Weird! I’ve decided that every time I wear something really cute, weird, awkward, whatever I’ll take a picture of it and post it here! High fashion is awesome to look at but for real wouldn’t you rather look at real people’s style instead? Uhmm, yeah! Actually, I think what I’m going to do is every time I wear something awesome (so, like, everyday!) I’m going to take a pic and then I’ll date it and give the outfit it’s own post. Then it will be all about the outfit! Sounds like a gnarly plan!!

Third Topic:

This one is mostly just for me, so I remember everything that I have to do for my classes. But I’ll let you know too! It helps me a lot if I can write it down in two places and then type it out also. Chances are after all that I won’t forget it! I’ve come up with this new little idea for getting everything done in an organized way without stressing myself out:

  • Monday – Thursday: NO HOMEWORK!
  • Friday: Monday’s homework
  • Saturday: Tuesday’s homework
  • Sunday: Wednesday’s garbage

Seriously, it works awesome. A lot of people are like, “Omg, but you have no weekend!” Honestly, everyday is the weekend here! And, anyway I do it in the morning and I work pretty fast so I’m usually done by like 1:00 anyway. Plus, it’s way more fun because Emily comes down to my apartment on Friday’s and we work together. Friends :]

  • Sketching: draw 12 quarter view with shading
  • C&D: paint gray
  • Costume: 2 sketches for project, work on notebook, study guide, reading
  • Sewing: cut knits, seam samples, vocab
  • English: literary review (aka stupid garbage)

Final Topic:

A bulleted list of random things

  • Had dinner at The Cheesecake Factory in The Grove last night with Emily. FettuccineAlfredo with chicken….mmmmmm so good!
  • Sent in my $3000 this morning for housing. WAAHHH! Back to being poor.
  • I’ve been eating grilled cheese like crazy. I love those things.
  • I work out every night for 30 min (elliptical) or 1 hour (treadmill). I’ll be in awesome shape before I go back home for Christmas!
  • Usually I have fake nails but now with all my budget cuts I’ve had to just have my regular, real nails. Ew! But I’ve been painting them in really cute patterns and colors so I guess it’s not that bad.
  • Every Wednesday my roommates and I watch Dog The Bounty Hunter and on Thursdays we watch Jersey Shore. Oh and we have family dinner every Monday.

^^ So weird. Just all the thoughts running through my head!


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