Color Wheel

2/9/12: I got 100% on my color wheel! My teacher also asked me to if she could keep it to show as an example because she liked it so much :]

For my Color & Design Theory class we had to make a color wheel. It was our first major assignment and I’d made color wheels every year in art class since like the 3rd grade so I wasn’t really that worried about it. Oh my goodness I was wrong! The paints that we got were the kind you mix with the tiniest bit of water – to much and it’ll be to thin, to little and it’s to thick. They are so ridiculous! Well anyway, we had to mix all 12 colors of the color wheel (yellow, yellow orange, orange, red orange, red, red violet, violet, blue violet, blue, blue green, green and yellow green) and they had to be the perfect consistency. A lot harder that it looks, let me tell you!

So after you finally got it to look good, color wise, you had to put them on a board. We could do them in any shape that we wanted but just had to make sure they were overall in a circle and the colors were in the correct order. All the shapes had to be similar and the exact same size. On the board they had to be the same distance apart and around. It was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be! It took me almost 4 days to totally get it done. This was not just your average every year color wheel!


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