Redondo Beach

Yesterday my friend Emily and I didn’t have classes so we went to the beach! Well, first we went to Target and then took her mom to her (mom’s) friends house, THEN we went to the beach. It was so awesome – not packed, amazing weather, etc. We stopped at Albertson’s beforehand because we were starving and wanted something to eat. We got 2 bags of chips, frosted animal cookies, soda and water, and some donut holes. Oh yeah we sure did :]

We looked for shells and walked in the water. We saw some people trying to surf but it just wasn’t working out for them. There were these two people that were just swimming (like work out, competitive swimming)  in the ocean. I felt like that was kind of dangerous! I love the beach so much – however it doesn’t really look like I got much of a tan even though we were there for almost 3 hours!



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