Golden Globes

So I went to the Golden Globes on Monday……I WENT TO THE GOLDEN GLOBES ON MONDAY!

It all started with Lisa saying she wanted to go and then Sarah also wanted to go. I didn’t really know if I wanted to go because I don’t usually care about stuff like that but we ended up going with Alicia also. We left our apartments at like 10:30 and when we got to Beverly Hills there wasn’t really that much going on and we were trying to figure out where we could be/couldn’t be and where the celebrities were going to be, etc. I suggested we stand on the other side of the street directly across from the hotel entrance because that’s where the most activity was at the time.

We stood there, in the wet grass, for what seemed like forever – 2.5 hours actually. Lisa and I talked to a security gaurd and she said that all the cars come from the other end and drive down so maybe we should go wait down there and have a better chance at seeing people. So, we walked down and there and waited like 20 mintues, Sarah and Alicia stayed in front of the hotel just in case we were wrong and they could call and tell us. At which point we see everyone from where we were before run across the street. THEY GOT FREE PASSES IN! Lisa and I ran back down but were to late and let me tell you we were pissed! If we had just waited we would have gotten in also!

We stood across the street for a little bit long and then…..THEY WAVED US ACROSS TOO! They made a wait a little longer and then they came out and gave us bracelets because they had run out of the stickers but were still going to let us in. We went through security and then through the hotel.

When we were all finally done with that they walked us down the red carpet to where they wanted us to be. Mario Lopez and Sharon Osbourne were already filming when we walked down so I was super close to them. Like I could have touched them if I wanted – I didn’t want to get kicked out though! They led us to an area where the first group was already crowded onto some bleachers so we didn’t fit up there which was totally fine because we ended up being in a much better place.

Long story short, I got INTO the Golden Globes on Monday – for free – and got to see tons of celebrities!

Fun Fact: security messed up Leo’s entrance because they had all the people not using a car service drive up this ramp that I was standing on. Well, he came in his own car so they didn’t know he was in it and they had in go up the ramp. It was a really nice car so we were all freaking out about that but then when he stepped out of it and then WALKED RIGHT NEXT TO (us) ME we all were really freaking out! He is a beautiful man!!

Fun Fact: on the way out the security was being douche bags, so they rushed us into single file lines (even though we weren’t on the shuttle, which is what the lines were for) and so we had to get back in line. Well Matt Lillard was late and so he crossed right in front of me! Let it be known “Without a Paddle” is one of my favorite movies!


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