Deconstruction Project: Industry Sewing

2/9/12: We ended up getting 100% on this plus some extra credit. The teacher liked it so much that she made copies of it to show her class next quarter what the project should look like!

For my industry sewing class we had to do this “Deconstruction Project.” The teacher gave us a shirt/blouse and we had to:

1.) Sketch the front and the back as a flat

2.) Take the whole shirt apart (with a seam ripper, not a scissor. This took, oh I don’t know, 3 hours!) and iron out all the pieces

3.) Sketch each piece of the completed shirt and label it all

4.) Answer some questions

Didn’t seem like it was going to be a hard project but when the blouse has double and sometimes triple sewn seams it’s a little harder to rip them out quickly! My friend Alicia was my partner for this project so at least I didn’t have to do the whole thing by myself but it still took forever.


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