8:30 – 11:15: History of Costume

This course provides an overview of costume history in Western culture from ancient civilizations to the present. Students examine cultural, social, and historical events and analyze their effect on the history of costume and apparel, including the influence of historical costume on fashion today. Students develop a broad fashion vocabulary and become familiar with period costume terminology.

History….enough said. A lot of note taking and lecture goes on in this class. I do like my teacher a lot though, she reminds me of Riepe and Conen from high school. She already told us all about the 2 giant projects that we are going to have to do for this quarter. My roommate, Jessica (also a fashion design major), showed me her project from this class, yeah let’s just say that it is going to be a lot of work and I had better not put it off until the end. It looks like we have to make a binder type thing and put 3 pictures from each time period and then how the garments from that time period are seen today and then write an outline of like the entire book! The other project is a group project and we don’t get to pick our partners. Yay.

Supplies: study guide, textbook

Homework: read chapters 5-6, study for quiz

12:00 – 2:45: Industry Sewing

This course introduces students to sewing techniques, with emphasis on operating the power sewing machine. Students produce a sewing notebook and a complete garment.

I LOVE THIS CLASS. I actually get to sew in it! I feel like it’s going to be exactly like my Clothing & Design class in high school but that’s totally ok, easy A! Apparently we have to make this “notebook” thing for the quarter however, I’m not totally sure what she was talking about because everyone I talk to about it keeps saying it’s a binder and you only put your seam samples in it – the instructor is a little hard to follow and so I got a little lost. The first day we learned to thread the machines and how to whined a bobbin. Did both with ease and ended up helping a lot of the other students in the class so I’m feeling pretty confident in this area of study :]

Supplies: toolbox (with everything inside), 15 yds of muslin, textbook

Homework: deconstuction project, read pg. 2-26, 31-33, 84-107, cut rectangles from muslin, study guide, vocab words, grainline samples, study for quizes

^^Try not to load us up to much!


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