L.A. Living

Here in L.A. I live in an apartment. I’ve lived in apartments before in my life but not in a super big building like this and never without the rest of my family. Here I live in a two bedroom apartment with four other people who I’ve only known for about a week. They are seriously the best ever though, I really like them! I’ve found that there are many pros and cons to living in this kind of student housing. It’s way better than common student housing but there are some things that I wish were more like the usual way things work.


  • Independent – I do live on my own and get to make my own rules
  • More room – way bigger than a tiny little dorm room
  • Modern – everything here is all decorated and pretty, not like the nasty wooden paneling/concrete crap you usually find
  • Downtown – I’m right in the middle of downtown L.A. in an apartment, how cool is that?
  • Proximity – I live literally right across the street from my school
  • Scenery – I love looking out my balcony everyday at everything


  • Price – $3200 for the first quarter
  • Food – I have to buy all my own food, toiletries, etc. No cafeteria or anything like that here!
  • Roommates – I’ve never had to share a room before
  • Independent – I miss my mom!!

The pros totally out weigh the cons in this situation. You’re always going to have cons which you just have to work through! I definately want to be here and don’t plan on going anywhere any time soon. I hope that I will be able to stay in the same unit next quarter and won’t get moved because I don’t want to have to pack all my crap back up and move it. I moved my whole room – 20 years of life- from Iowa to L.A. and let me tell you, I’m done with cardboard boxes!



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